Our projects bring together world-renowned scientists and engineers, and provide them with the most advanced technology, to solve the world’s biggest health problems.

These problems demand a new approach, new energy and new voices. They require a research lab where nothing is considered impossible, where bold and creative thinking are the norm, and where a collaborative culture allows teams of smart people to accomplish more than any single person can achieve alone.

Cell Atlas Initiative

Because we know much of the world's disease is caused by disorders of the cell, we believe we need to better understand the cell. That's why we delve into unanswered questions and support fundamental science focused on cell biology, showing how cells work in healthy people and, more importantly, what takes place when disease strikes.

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Infectious Disease Initiative

Because both existing and emerging pathogens continue to threaten human health worldwide, we pursue diagnostic and therapeutic development, in addition to supporting and deploying systems to detect infectious disease globally.

Curing, preventing or managing all disease in our children’s lifetime might seem impossible – until you consider the achievements of the last century. We’re following in the footsteps of giants, and we’re ready for the challenge.

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Technology Initiative

Because we know access to data and tools expedites solutions, we believe we need to create technology that catalyzes innovation. That's why we invent tools to open and enable avenues for research that weren't possible before.

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Investigator Program

Because we know support for basic science is critical to drive discovery beyond the Biohub’s main scope, we believe in the power of funding investigators – great scientists working on their riskiest and most exciting ideas – especially those that are too early to receive traditional funding support.

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