Program supports recruitment of talented new faculty by UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford University

We are delighted to announce the appointment of a stellar new group of Biohub Investigators who have been selected through nominations by our three partner universities—Stanford University, UC San Francisco, and UC Berkeley. All 10 of these Biohub Investigators are new faculty members, whose recruitment was supported in part by the funding provided by their Biohub Investigator awards. Each will receive $1 million in unrestricted funds over five years and will have the opportunity to collaborate with, learn from, and inspire their fellow Investigators.

We also want to take this opportunity to recognize the 22 current Biohub Investigators who were selected over the past four years through nominations by our partner universities. Of these, 16 were new faculty members, whose recruitment was supported in part by their Biohub Investigator awards, and six were current faculty members at the time of their nominations.

To date, the university-nominated Biohub Investigator awards have provided our university partners with the resources to support the recruitment of 26 new faculty members and to facilitate the innovative and visionary research of 32 CZ Biohub Investigators altogether. CZ Biohub has committed funding to support the recruitment of an additional 11 faculty members by our partner universities over the next several years. In the end, each university will have the opportunity to nominate and recruit seven new faculty members supported by Biohub Investigator award funding during the current nomination cycle.

Funds for these university-nominated Biohub Investigator awards are set aside every five years in conjunction with and to complement the competition held every five years to select Biohub Investigators, which is open to current faculty members at Stanford, UCSF, and UC Berkeley. By supporting both current faculty and the recruitment of new faculty, CZ Biohub is focused on providing Investigators with unrestricted funding to pursue creative, innovative, and visionary research while building an engaged, interactive, and collaborative community that spans across diverse disciplines and the campuses of our partner universities.

University-nominated CZ Biohub Investigators appointed to date, and their start dates

Current nomination cycle (2022– )

Nicolas Altemose, D.Phil., Ph.D., Stanford University, July 1, 2023
Ana Paula Arruda, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, March 1, 2022
Rogelio Hernández-López, Ph.D., Stanford University, May 1, 2022
Nicole Martinez, Ph.D., Stanford University, March 1, 2022
James Nuñez, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, March 1, 2022
Filipa Rijo-Ferreira, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, March 1, 2022
Florentine Rutaganira, Ph.D., Stanford University, September 1, 2022
Sara Suliman, M.P.H., Ph.D., UCSF, March 1, 2022
Hawa Racine Thiam, Ph.D., Stanford University, May 1, 2022
Catera Wilder, Ph.D., UCSF, June 1, 2022

First nomination cycle (2017–2021)

Christopher Barnes, Ph.D., Stanford University, July 2021
Helen Bateup, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, March 2019
David Booth, Ph.D., UCSF, April 2020
Jennifer Brophy, Ph.D., Stanford University, September 2021
Abigail Buchwalter, Ph.D., UCSF, October 2018
Seemay Chou, Ph.D., UCSF, April 2018
Michael Clarke, M.D., Stanford University, October 2017
Sophie Dumont, Ph.D., UCSF, May 2020
Charles Gawad, M.D., Ph.D., Stanford University, October 2019
Emily Goldberg, Ph.D., UCSF, April 2020
Corey Harwell, Ph.D., UCSF, April 2021
Dirk Hockemeyer, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, March 2019
Michelle Hsiang, M.D., UCSF, June 2021
Livnat Jerby-Arnon, Ph.D., Stanford University, December 2020
Silvana Konermann, Ph.D., Stanford University, October 2019
Jennifer Listgarten, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, February 2018
Emma Lundberg, Ph.D., Stanford University, January 2022
James Olzmann, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, March 2019
Serena Sanulli, Ph.D., Stanford University, October 2020
Jason Sello, Ph.D., UCSF, September 2019
Matthew Spitzer, Ph.D., UCSF, September 2018
Allison Williams, Ph.D., UCSF, September 2020