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The Disease Detective

Joe DeRisi invented a way to find pathogens that scientists didn’t even know to look for. Can it help prevent the next ...

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New Approach Combining Ultrasound Imaging and AI Doubles Accuracy at Detecting Fetal Heart Flaws in the Womb

Researchers have found a way to double doctors’ accuracy in detecting the vast majority of complex fetal heart defects in utero by combining routine ultrasound imaging with machine-learning computer ...

From two unusual organ donations, scientists garner a unique trove of single-cell genetic data

A Biohub project, Tabula Sapiens, aims to create an atlas of single-cell gene expression that will allow scientists to control for factors like genetic inheritance, age, epigenetics, and ...

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Doctors, scientists who warned officials about oncoming pandemic focus of new Michael Lewis book

In his new book, Michael Lewis profiles people who tried to sound the alarm about COVID-19 as officials failed to act – including CZ Biohub Co-President Dr. Joe ...

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Meet Joe DeRisi, the virus hunter who foresaw the Covid pandemic

He’d just been reading the news, like everyone else. He had no special access to any new disease outbreak, and no one would have expected him to intervene. All that Joe DeRisi had was his new lab at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and ...

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