We Don’t Believe in Impossible

Our mission is to make fundamental discoveries and to develop new technologies that will enable doctors to cure, prevent or manage all diseases during our children’s lifetime.

Along the way, we will work with partners to map every cell in the human body and we will rapidly address emerging health threats.


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. It starts with bringing together—for the first time—three of the world’s leading biomedical research institutions: UC Berkeley, Stanford and UCSF. As we move forward, we will reach out to colleagues at other institutions, and in the Silicon Valley tech community, to build momentum and cultivate new ideas in the global fight against disease.


At CZ Biohub, we bring together brilliant scientists and engineers who see opportunities in every challenge. These individuals are united by a common passion – solving previously impossible problems.

Joe DeRisi

University of California, San Francisco

Stephen Quake

Stanford University


Biohub is the next step forward in medical research. Our projects combine the best scientists and engineers with the most advanced technology to solve the world’s biggest health problems.

These problems demand a new course of action, new energy and new voices. They demand a space where nothing is impossible and collaboration is the only way to get things done.  

Cell Atlas Initiative

Mapping every type of cell in the human body is an ambitious goal, and the international scientific community is ready for the challenge. It will require biologists, engineers and technologists working as a team. CZ Biohub is proud to be part of this seminal project.

Hidden within human cells are the root causes of many diseases. The Cell Atlas will begin to unlock these mysteries, showing how cells work in healthy people and, more importantly, what takes place when disease strikes.

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Infectious Disease Initiative

Curing, preventing or managing all disease in our children's lifetime might seem impossible—until you consider the achievements of the last century. We’re following in the footsteps of giants, and we’re ready for the challenge.

These battles must be won, and here at CZ Biohub, we are fighting back.

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