Mike Schroepfer

Founder and Partner, Gigascale Capital

Mike is an executive, entrepreneur, and investor with a 25-year track record of building technology, scaling companies, and advancing science. As the CTO of Meta, Mike scaled 8GW of clean energy infrastructure and grew the team to 30,000, which enabled the company to connect billions of people and make breakthroughs in AI, VR, and AR.

Now, at Gigascale Capital, Mike invests in early-stage climate technology companies modernizing the world’s biggest industries. He’s also a Senior Fellow at Meta focused on AI and developing technical talent.

Mike’s philanthropic work at Additional Ventures aims to advance biomedical research while focused grantmaking and the Carbon-to-Sea Initiative aims to accelerate climate science and policy responses to the crisis. He’s a Stanford CS grad, led engineering at Mozilla, founded a company acquired by Sun Microsystems, and is a decent skier and mediocre surfer.

Photo of Mike Schroepfer

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