View Shalin Mehta’s full list of publications on Google Scholar. Below is some recent, relevant work.

bioRxiv: Correlative imaging of spatio-angular dynamics of molecular assemblies and cells with multimodal instant polarization microscope Icon
February 10, 2022

We anticipate these developments in joint quantitative imaging of density and anisotropy to enable new studies in tissue pathology, mechanobiology, and imaging-based screens.

ACSB MBoC: DynaMorph: self-supervised learning of morphodynamic states of live cells Icon
February 9, 2022

We used DynaMorph to annotate morphodynamic states observed with label-free measurements of optical density and anisotropy of live microglia isolated from human brain tissue.

bioRxiv: uPTI: uniaxial permittivity tensor imaging of intrinsic density and anisotropy Icon
December 15, 2020

We report data from mouse brain tissue to demonstrate how uPTI enables discovery of intrinsic biological architecture.

eLife: Revealing architectural order with quantitative label-free imaging and deep learning Icon
July 27, 2020

We report quantitative label-free imaging with phase and polarization (QLIPP) for simultaneous measurement of density, anisotropy, and orientation of structures in unlabeled live cells and tissue slices.