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Access to data and tools expedites solutions and catalyzes innovation. Our technology platform teams proactively identify and develop enabling technologies that advance biomedical research—here at CZ Biohub, at our partner universities, and worldwide through our open-source dissemination. We also collaborate closely with the scientific community to support open source tools that are solving the unique analysis needs of researchers.

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Led by Rafael Gómez-Sjöberg, the bioengineering team designs and builds unique custom instruments that enable novel projects and accelerate the pace of discovery—from rugged, battery-powered portable devices for diagnosing an infectious disease in remote areas, to an automated multichannel protein purification device.

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Computational Microscopy

Shalin Mehta‘s computational microscopy team builds microscopes with new imaging modalities, and develops machine learning and computational approaches to quantitatively analyze and interpret imaging data.

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Data Science

Led by Joan Wong, the Data Science Platform develops analytical methods and pipelines, bioinformatic software, and imaging software.

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The genomics and sequencing team led by Norma Neff develops and deploys state-of-the-art protocols in single-cell sequencing, including iSeq, 10X, Oxford Nanopore, and PacBio, to generate high-quality datasets for cell-type identification and functional analyses. The team also develops and optimizes spatial transcriptomic analyses.

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Mass Spectrometry

Led by Josh Elias, the mass spectrometry team develops and deploys tools with higher throughput and greater sensitivity to analyze the metabolome, proteome, and post-translational modifications associated with complex biological samples.