Leonetti Group: Intracellular Architecture

Our Research

How are cells internally organized in space and time? We are mapping the wiring diagram of the human proteome to unravel the changes at play when diseases strike.

Our multidisciplinary group of biologists, engineers, and data scientists strives to understand how human cells are built. We seek to characterize fundamental mechanisms in physiology and disease, but also to “reverse engineer” the cell—to understand the details of how it is built in order to be able to predictably tune its properties and behavior. In particular, we develop and deploy technologies to illuminate the function of proteins within cells and manipulate them. One of our goals is to build open datasets, software, and protocols for the entire scientific community to use and explore.


OpenCell—our flagship project—is a proteome-scale library of fluorescently engineered cell lines to define the localization and interactions of human proteins. We have data for over 1,300 proteins so far and we built a fully interactive website to share our data.

Start exploring at opencell.czbiohub.org.

More on our work in this recent presentation.