Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of A Lab Creating Innovative Imaging Tech

Fascinating new imaging technology from UC Berkeley physics professor Holger Müller may hold the key to unlocking new insights into our biology. Müller is improving cryo-electron tomography images by using lasers to change how scientists view the microscopic world of our cells. He developed a laser phase plate (LPP) to significantly increase image contrast and the number of molecules—including small and faint objects—that can be seen inside cells. This innovation also enables more effective tomography by reducing specimen exposure to electron beams.

In partnership with the Chan Zuckerberg Institute for Advanced Biological Imaging (CZ Imaging Institute), Müller is working to increase access to this breakthrough technology by integrating the laser phase plate into more advanced microscopes so that in the future, more researchers could use it in their own labs.

Join Müller for a behind-the-scenes tour of his lab focused on building new tech to improve electron microscopy and make the invisible visible.



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