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Summer Internship Program

Summer internships at CZ Biohub San Francisco build strong scientific foundations and prepare and inspire students to pursue STEM careers.

At Chan Zuckerberg Biohub San Francisco we are committed to ensuring that our internship program provides students with a meaningful experience while also diversifying the STEM pipeline. Our interns spend the summer immersed in real-world science with our biomedical researchers, data scientists, and engineers. They not only gain technical experience but also soft skills such as communications and critical thinking, as well as the opportunity to network with scientists who provide valuable advice and mentorship.

Many research internships are criticized for perpetuating patterns of bias and inequity because they tend to be secured by those who already have access and connections in the field. At CZ Biohub SF we have changed the way our teams identify, recruit, and mentor summer interns. Through our relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), local community colleges, and other less-often thought of sources, we seek applicants whose resumes don’t fit the standard mold.


Our Summer Internship Program offers currently enrolled undergraduate students the opportunity to work on research projects in a one-of-a-kind independent nonprofit research environment. Throughout the 10-week internship, students are provided with hands-on experience, mentorship, and training along with personal and professional development designed to meet interns where they are at while also challenging them to propel forward.

It was a wonderful experience! I had the opportunity to grow and develop on a professional, academic, and personal level.”


Oscar Avalos

2022 Intern, Mathematics, University of the Pacific

Core Components

At CZ Biohub SF, we place value on the needs of the whole person. We have designed a comprehensive internship program that includes a number of components.


Interns are matched with an experienced Mentor/Manager who has expertise and scientific interests that align with their own. Projects provide interns the opportunity to design, plan, and carry out laboratory and/or computational scientific experiments with the support of their Mentor/Manager. Interns present their projects at a culminating end-of-program symposium.

I felt very supported throughout the internship and know that this is a relationship I hope to continue through the rest of my career!”


Olivia Yoo

2022 Intern


In addition to hands-on experience, interns receive formal training that begins on Day 1 with topics like orientation to CZ Biohub, laboratory and computational skills, and more.

Seminars are also held throughout the summer on topics such as:

  • Scientific communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Resume/CV writing & interview skills
  • Is a Ph.D. for me?

Summer interns are trained in a variety of topics, including foundational wet lab safety, skills, and procedures.


One of the stand-out features of the Summer Internship Program is the opportunity to build a professional network with leading scientists, engineers, and technologists – not just at CZ Biohub SF, but also at our partner institutions (UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and UCSF) and beyond.

One crucial skill I also refined was my networking ability. I was exposed to various opportunities to network and, over time, felt more and more compelled to meet new people, discuss science, etc.”


Leila Njoya

2022 Intern, Biology, Spelman College


The Summer Internship Program culminates with each intern presenting at an end-of-program symposium. Participants are trained to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences and expand their public speaking skills in preparation of the symposium.


Interns have the opportunity to build community within their cohort and with the broader Biohub by participating in social engagement activities. While the focus of the program is the internship project, interns should have fun both within and outside of work.

Interns enjoy getting to know San Francisco through planned activities and exploring together.


Applicants must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Enrolled full time at a college or university the Spring term prior and the Fall term following the internship
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree (Associate’s or Bachelor’s)
  • Willing to commit to participating in the entire 10-week internship program
  • Willing to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area (if not already residing) for the program

How to Apply

In order to apply for an internship at CZ Biohub SF, review the internship options on our Careers page. As part of the application process, you will be asked to:

  • Submit a resume or CV
  • Complete a short questionnaire that includes a brief personal statement

2024 Program Timeline

November 2023

Applications open

December 31, 2023

Applications due

January 2024

Interviews begin

March 2024

Offer notifications

May 20, 2024

Program begins

Success Stories

Eduardo Hirata-Miyasaki, 2021 Summer Intern, joined the CZ Biohub in 2022 as a R&D Engineer with the Computational Microscopy platform where he will build computational imaging modules for high throughput 3D imaging of cells and zebrafish, leveraging them for correlative measurements of architecture and proteome.


Eduardo Hirata-Miyasaki

2021 Intern

Ann Chen, 2021 Summer Intern, earned her Ph.D. in 2022 and has since begun working as a Bioinformatics Scientist in the Illumina Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for Genome Interpretation, comprised of a multi-disciplinary research team that works together to decipher the clinical impact of human genetic variants and improve diagnostic yield for rare and common diseases. Specifically, Ann works on genome-wide CRISPR-based screens with single-cell RNA-sequencing readout to improve our understanding of the human genome.


Ann Chen

2022 Summer Intern

Leila Njoya, 2022 Summer Intern, joined the CZ Biohub as a Research Associate in 2022, following her internship experience. She works in her Mentor/Manager, Amy Kistler’s, group on infectious disease and is focused on generating Ebola virus constructs and assessing them to better understand viral transcription and replication.


Leila Njoya

2022 Intern



What is the Summer Internship Program?

The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Summer Internship Program offers currently enrolled undergraduate students the opportunity to work on research projects with leading engineers, data scientists, and biomedical researchers in a one-of-a-kind independent nonprofit research environment. Throughout the internship, students are provided with mentorship and training along with personal and professional development aimed to meet interns where they are at while also challenging them to excel forward.

How will this internship program help me in my career?

Our interns build relationships with scientists and staff at the Biohub and beyond. The relationships are invaluable for students who may be seeking recommendation letters, career advice, job opportunities, and the like. Previous interns have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in medicine, public health, and research and secure research positions at the Biohub and other institutions and companies.

Do interns receive compensation?

Interns will be compensated at an hourly rate and have the opportunity to live in CZ Biohub-sponsored housing for the duration of the program. Interns receive a commuter reimbursement and those relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area will receive travel/relocation assistance.

Who are Mentor/Managers?

Mentor/Managers are full time CZ Biohub employees invested in training and developing STEM professionals of the future. They serve in dual roles, providing advice and guidance around their intern’s personal and professional goals, and supervising the intern throughout their project.

Do I need to have research experience in order to apply?

No, interns do not need to have any formal research training in order to be considered for an internship at CZ Biohub.

Am I eligible to apply if I am an international student on a visa?

Yes, students on F-1 visas are eligible to apply provided that your college or university will continue to sponsor your visa as part of your education and the visa remains valid for the duration of the program.


Where do I apply?

Please visit our Careers page for open internship positions and to submit your application. Applications for 2024 Summer internships will open November 2023.

When are applications due?

Applications are due by December 31, 2023, 11:59 p.m. PDT.

What can I expect after I submit my application?

Applications will first be reviewed by the Internship Program Manager and Associate Director of Recruiting & Diversity Programs. A narrowed pool of applicants will be asked to have two (2) letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf before the interview stage. From there, a further narrowed pool of applicants will be shared with the Mentor/Manager for review and the interview process.

When will interviews be held?

Interviews will be held January-February 2024.

When will decisions be made?

Final decisions and internship offers will be made by mid-March 2024.


Amy La, M.Ed.
Internship Program Manager