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Studies Examine Variant Surging in California, and the News Isn’t Good

A variant first discovered in California in December is more contagious than earlier forms of the coronavirus, two new studies have shown, fueling concerns that emerging mutants like this one could hamper the sharp decline in cases over all in the state ...

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'We were in the dark': why the US is far behind in tracking Covid-19 variants

As researchers around the world scramble to understand the dangers of several newly discovered variants of the deadly coronavirus, the US remains woefully behind in its ability to track the mutations, scientists say. The federal government has had its “head ...

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How to Build a COVID Testing Lab in Eight Days

On January 25, a man vacationing in Cambodia with his family went swimming in their hotel pool. After toweling off, he spiked a fever and was sent to a local hospital, where his nose and throat were swabbed and the samples were tested for a deadly virus ...

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Brain Cells Most Vulnerable to Alzheimer’s Disease Identified by Scientists

A major mystery in Alzheimer’s disease research is why some brain cells succumb to the creeping pathology of the disease years before symptoms first appear, while others seem impervious to the degeneration surrounding them until the disease’s final ...

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The making of the Biohub

A global pandemic is something Joe DeRisi has been preparing for his entire career. What he didn’t expect was that the viral scourge would ravage so close to home. DeRisi was in the process of standing up sequencing technology to help researchers in ten ...

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