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From two unusual organ donations, scientists garner a unique trove of single-cell genetic data

A Biohub project, Tabula Sapiens, aims to create an atlas of single-cell gene expression that will allow scientists to control for factors like genetic inheritance, age, epigenetics, and ...

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Meet Joe DeRisi, the virus hunter who foresaw the Covid pandemic

He’d just been reading the news, like everyone else. He had no special access to any new disease outbreak, and no one would have expected him to intervene. All that Joe DeRisi had was his new lab at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and ...

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Mission Critical: Priscilla Chan and the Fight Against COVID-19 in San Francisco's Latino Community

The pandemic has hit Latino families harder than any other ethnic group in the Bay Area, and now an all-star team of researchers and community organizers backed by funds from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is working to change ...

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Tiny wireless implant detects oxygen deep within the body

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, have created a tiny wireless implant that can provide real-time measurements of tissue oxygen levels deep underneath the skin. The device, which is smaller than the average ladybug and powered by ultrasound ...

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Synchronized editing: the future of collaborative writing

Draft scientific manuscripts are typically confidential. So, when Elana Fertig was asked to take a look at an in-development paper on a functional gene-annotation strategy, she expected to receive the file in a private e-mail. What she got was a public ...

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