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A popular at-home test detects most infectious Omicron cases, a study suggests.

A new study authored by Joe DeRisi provides reassurance that the BinaxNow test is performing as expected in catching Omicron ...

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Chan Zuckerberg Biohub announces $86 million in new funding to Investigators at Stanford, UCSF, and UC Berkeley for visionary early-stage research

Second cohort of CZ Biohub Investigators includes awardees from a broad range of disciplines, with fresh approaches to biological and medical ...

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Python power-up: new image tool visualizes complex data

The image viewing and analysis software napari has filled a gap in the programming language’s scientific ...

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Viral loads similar between vaccinated and unvaccinated people

A new survey from Unidos en Salud, which CZ Biohub is a part of, underscores importance of masks and testing along with ...

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The cell as a bag of RNA

Single-cell transcriptomics techniques enable one to abstract the cell as if it were a ‘bag of RNA’, enabling profound insight into the nature of cell state and cell ...

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