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We’re accepting joint applications from universities and other research institutions to create the next Biohub in the network.

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Platform Leader, Mass Spectrometry

The Mass Spectrometry Platform led by Elias develops and applies mass spectrometry technologies to understand life.  His team divides its efforts between independent investigations and intensive collaborative projects. The group’s independent research focuses on solving three extraordinary and interrelated challenges: identifying disease-relevant antigens presented on MHC complexes; characterizing the biologically relevant proteins and metabolites that mediate infection; and improving methods for interpreting the vast molecular spaces these experiments measure. CZ Biohub’s collaborative network is providing further opportunities for Platform’s scientists to define the range of molecules that underlie health and disease. Ultimately, the technologies they are developing are broadly applicable, including methods to identify and quantify novel molecular variants that have so far been hidden in the “dark matter” of biology—molecules that are invisible to genomic technologies and standard proteomic and metabolomic assays.

Photo of JOSH ELIAS, PH.D.