Ranen Aviner, Ph.D.

Group Leader

Ranen Aviner is a cell biologist who received his Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University, studying translation regulation of the mammalian cell cycle under the supervision of Orna Elroy-Stein. As a postdoctoral fellow, Aviner trained with Judith Frydman and Raul Andino at Stanford, and UC San Francisco (UCSF). While there he developed and used biochemical, transcriptomic, and proteomics assays to study disease-related changes in protein synthesis networks. Aviner’s postdoc work, supported by fellowships from EMBO, HFSP, Rothschild, and ISFS, showed that these protein synthesis networks can be manipulated to interfere with the course of infection in RNA viruses and neurodegeneration in Huntington’s Disease. Aviner lives in San Francisco with his partner, Patrick, a professor of communication at Diablo Valley college.