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We bring together skilled and creative scientists and engineers to develop new technologies and tackle ambitious research projects, with the aim of understanding dynamic cell systems across scales in both healthy and diseased states.

We also join forces with the Bay Area’s leading academic institutions to support bold, visionary science that can’t be done elsewhere.

Cell division visualized by label-free imaging
Two researchers building the Remoscope, a malaria diagnostic tool

Cells & Cell Systems

Cells are the fundamental unit of life. Our goal is to understand dynamic cell systems across scales, in both healthy and diseased states.

UMAP depicting human cell types in the Tabula Sapiens
Two researchers building the Remoscope, a malaria diagnostic tool
Light-sheet microscopy of zebrafish development
Cell division visualized by QLIPP label-free imaging
UMAP depicting human cell types in the Tabula Sapiens

Dynamic …

We invent and apply state-of-the-art imaging technologies in living cells and organisms, and develop the computational tools to mechanistically interpret intracellular and intercellular behaviors.

across scales …

Our Research Groups explore cell systems at various scales, from molecules (metabolites, proteins, transcripts), to cells, tissues, organs, and whole organisms, to define cell types, states, and disease phenotypes.

At the grandest scale — in human populations — we enable pathogen surveillance and rapid outbreak response. In collaboration with experts at our partner institutions, both domestically and in low- and middle-income countries, we work to understand infectious disease and advance public health.

in health and disease

We map dynamic changes in cell behavior in response to disease and infection to define underlying mechanisms and to identify potential targets for therapeutic intervention and diagnostic tools.

And our Technology Platforms disseminate the technologies we develop — and the knowledge gained — world-wide through open-access publication and data portals.


Building community to catalyze innovation

The Investigator Program at CZ Biohub SF is funding research by world-renowned scientists, engineers, and technologists from Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and UCSF.

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