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Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
5th Anniversary

Learn more about our first five years of innovation and discovery, and watch highlights from our scientific symposium, featuring keynotes from NIH Director Francis Collins and others.

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Associate Director of Data Science, Infectious Disease

Wong’s Data Science team, part of CZ Biohub’s Infectious Disease initiative, collaborates with Biohub colleagues on multi-omic data analysis, visualization, and method and tool development. For example, they are working with the Rapid Response group on outbreak detection and analysis of metabolic pathways in pathogens to predict candidate drug targets in humans. With the Protein Sciences team, they are developing predictive and analytical methods for antibody repertoire specificity, which will enable the detection of disease states and the eventual development of antibody therapeutics for emerging pathogens. They are also building tools to automate the design and analysis of high-throughput CRISPR experiments on virus-infected cells, and creating computational pipelines and interactive applications for CRISPR knockout screens and cross-screen comparisons. In the Biohub’s spirit of open science, the group’s aim is to share all novel methods and tools with the broader scientific community.

Photo of JOAN WONG, PH.D.